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I was fortunate to be given piano lessons when I was a child. My father was keen for me and my two sisters to learn because when he was young in the 1930's Dundee there was no money for a piano or music lessons.

I'm grateful for being given the chance to learn to read music. I passed a few graded exams and then my teacher left the village. My next teacher was an elderly lady and although I liked doing scales and classic music I did become interested in other types of music too but when I asked one day if she could teach me the theme tune to the Pink Panther she replied, ' If you want to learn that - I can't teach you!' I had to learn it myself. In my late teens and onwards I learned about jazz and other genres from friends who were musicians and took lessons from pianists whose livelihoods were playing in restaurants, bars and hotels. When I went to see these guys play I would think, 'If only I could play like that - one day!'.

I am now a full time musician and until recently was resident pianist at the Dunkleld Hilton. I play at weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and restaurants, solo piano or in a jazz trio.

I play a good mixture of classical, show tunes, Scottish music, and up to date popular music.

In between gigs I teach piano to all age groups. I find teaching people to play the piano an extremely rewarding experience.

Confucius said: 'Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without'.

Dundee Royal Arch film (music composed and performed by Neil Malcolm)

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